I am a teller of tall tales and tiny stories.  I cram the tall tales into the tiniest space I can, so I make small pewter brooches with enormous character traits, little pewter figures carrying great big thoughts and feelings around with them, and re-constructed books which contain an entirely different tall tale to the one they originally told.  I have also started to tell a lot of lies about birds in some pages that I have apparently torn out of an old bird book – I haven’t, of course, I’ve just made them up. I love birds, I spend a lot of my education looking out of the window at them.  I also love beaches, books and tea.  Currently living between Pembrokeshire and my imaginary world, I am never far from a bird, a book, or a kettle.

Yvette beach

I’m often asked ‘where do you get your ideas?’  From birds.  They are dreadful liars.