People on Driftwood

I live by the sea and walk my dogs on the beach. The silhouettes of people, dogs and birds in the fading evening light lifts my heart. These little pewter people, measuring from 4cm (child) to 6.5cm (grown up), are hand cast in pewter out of moulds I have made from plywood.  They stand, walk or run on driftwood I have collected locally, washed, dried, microwaved, and sanded flat on one side.

Often these little scenes contain a gull. I’m very fond of gulls (see my Lies About Birds Seagull) The stillness that comes to the souls of dogs and walkers in a fading evening light moves the gentle hearts of gulls, regularly tossed as they are by salt winds and sea fury.  Gulls are poetical creatures of dreaminess and romance. Except when there are chips.

But not everything has a gull, sometimes a star is more appropriate.

And sometimes a balloon, or a kite.

And sometimes people fall in love and forget about the dog… and the gull.

And sometimes a reindeer gets involved, because as we all know, a reindeer is for life, not just for Christmas.

If you have seen something that you like the look of, or would like to talk to me about making something especially for you, drop me a line through my contact page or message me via facebook.