People on Driftwood

I live by the sea and walk my dogs on the beach. The silhouettes of people, dogs and birds in the fading evening light lifts my heart. These little pewter people, measuring from 4cm (child) to 6.5cm (grown up), are hand cast in pewter out of moulds I have made from plywood.  They stand, walk or run on driftwood I have collected locally, washed, dried, microwaved, and sanded flat on one side.

My little people got a bit worried about no-one seeing them at craft shows during lockdown so they put on a little show of their own, arranging themselves into groups so you could make up your own ideas of how they might go together. They had a lot of fun doing it so, even though they are out and about again in public, I’ve left them here. There are a few new additions which I will herd together and talk into letting me photograph them soon.  Obviously, each little group sits on its own piece of driftwood – each one different. The sea doesn’t like to repeat itself.

Here are some ladies and girls, facing right and facing left.

(Woman walking, woman standing, girl with phone, girl running, girl walking, girl standing)

And here are some men and boys, facing right and facing left

(Man walking, man standing, boy running, boy walking, boy standing.)

And here are dogs and cats (these can face either to the left or the right)

From left to right, dachsund, terrier, sitting dog, original dog, round dog.

Sitting cat, standing cat, walking cat (these can face to the right too)

And then there are my older couple, and my teenage boy and hooded teenager. These face only the way they are facing in the picture. And I also have a wind-blown tree like the ones we find around Pembrokeshire.

And how my little people think they might be arranged…

Family of 4, dog and bird

Couple walking with dog and bird

Couple standing with dog and bird

Couple standing with standing cat

Girl walking with dog and bird

Boy and girl walking with dog and bird

  Woman walking with dog and bird  Man walking with dog and bird